What We Believe

We believe Multichain Asset Managers (“MAM”) technology has the potential to hasten a transformation of the Asset Management industry, democratizing and streamlining the cumbersome processes and infrastructure upon which the global financial system runs today.

The innovators emerging around MAM technology have a unique of opportunity to design a new of financial infrastructure by incorporating the latest technology without the burden of backward compatibility with legacy systems.

Being part of MAMA will allow members close proximity to industry happenings and provides them a platform to easily exchange experiences and ideas, allowing cross-fertilization and debate to unify views into one voice.

As a result, MAMA will become a definitive source of information and a hub for the latest thinking and knowledge in the industry. MAMA will establish itself as a reliable, thought-provoking, responsible body capable of making quick decisions and lobbying for results.


    What We Are Aiming For

    The goal of this Association is to provide a forum for discussion among Association members who will also be the drivers towards a unified, industry-wide voice to tackle issues such as:

    • Shaping regulation in MAM technology and promoting industry-wide best practices
    • Self-regulating in the absence of non-clear regulatory guidelines
    • Research and education in and around the MAM technology ecosystem. MAMA will help identify problems whose solutions can be funded by research funded programs
    • Promoting security best practices paramount to MAM technology
    • Taking a leadership role in defining and setting industry standards for MAM
    • Shaping future governance procedures around MAM systems

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