Multichain Asset Managers Association
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We are Working Towards a New Vision for Asset Management

MAMA is a trade body, which represents asset management companies, investors, technology providers, service providers and ecosystem players interested in working towards a new vision for asset management using blockchain and other supporting decentralised technologies.


The goal of this association

The Goal of this Association is to provide a forum for discussion among Association members

  • Shape regulation in MAM technology and promoting industry-wide
    best practices.
  • Undertake research and education around the MAM ecosystem.
  • Promote security best practices paramount to MAM technology.
  • Take a leadership role in defining and setting industry standards for MAM.
  • Shape future governance procedures around MAM systems.

What We Believed

Our Vision

We believe MAM technology has the potential to hasten a transformation of the Asset Management industry, democratizing and streamlining the cumbersome processes and infrastructure upon which the global financial system runs today.


The innovators emerging around MAM technology have a unique of opportunity to design a new of financial infrastructure by incorporating the latest technology without the burden of backward compatibility with legacy systems.



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